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VLB-TIX for Publishing Houses

Present your organisation

  • Create your own informative publisher profile as an effective marketing tool, making yourself and your representatives easily accessible as direct contacts.
  • Present attractive previews of your new titles to your target groups and integrate your current backlist.
  • Customise and refresh your previews quickly and efficiently thanks to information on titles and other data that are updated daily.

Increase your visibility

  • Reach and engage with target groups using as many special previews as you like – e.g. on topics relating to different regions or seasons – then send them using various marketing channels.
  • Use templates prepared for major retailers (Thalia, Hugendubel, Dussmann), thereby saving yourself duplicate effort and valuable resources.
  • Offer additional information via the LEX tool, display currently available review copies directly next to the title, and send them quickly and digitally through VLB-TIX.
  • Add to the information on your titles available in the VLB (the catalogue of books in print in the German-speaking world), and present your new releases using visualised stagings, events, videos and marketing information.

Market your products

  • Stage your titles using comprehensive previews that your target group can access anywhere. Supplement every title as desired with marketing information, extra features, presentation materials, videos, photos and stagings, and highlight the corresponding top titles, bestsellers or noteworthy new releases.
  • Present promotional offers with fixed quantities and prices, which can then be ordered individually through your representatives.
  • Display the titles included in your showcased topics – along with your authors; proven longsellers and unexpected bestsellers; conveniently pre-chosen series that can be ordered as a set; your complete backlist; titles suitable for each season or for upcoming events; and much more.

As a basic publisher, you can register for free on the general registrations page.

In addition, we offer a free week’s trial of our premium package, which allows you to become familiar with our full range of services. Our team would be glad to assist you:

Fair pricing: Our premium package includes all premium services – and is easy to book, thanks to the uncomplicated registration procedure and the annual user fee based on the new titles you release each year.

Please contact us to receive your own individual quote:

VLB-TIX for Self-Publishers

Turn your titles into your brand presence

The perfect marketing opportunity: use VLB-TIX to make your new titles visible on one centralised platform. Score points with a consistent brand presence and benefit from the advantages that VLB-TIX and its premium package offer self-publishers:

  • Use one platform to reach all stakeholders (booksellers, specialised/secondary markets, libraries, journalists/bloggers, readers, authors, licensing partners, etc.)
  • Generate catalogues based on your recent publications and backlist
  • Create individualised catalogues quickly and efficiently
  • Customise your engagement with target groups and distribution channels
  • Highlight titles and series through upgrading and staging
  • Send and receive review copies digitally
  • Draw extra attention to your titles using promotions and showcased topics

To find out more about our pricing and services, simply send your inquiry to: