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VLB-TIX for Booksellers

Discover new titles and browse backlists. Expand the range of books you’re familiar with and dive into digital previews. Use VLB-TIX to assemble your orders and manage the details easily and efficiently. Customise the system to meet your specific needs and communicate with your colleagues via the note function. Stay on top of things with VLB-TIX, thanks to information that is updated daily. You can even use it to do your own marketing.

Timeliness: Search for the latest information while keeping your eye on the bestseller lists.

When a publishing house updates information in the VLB (the catalogue of books-in-print in the German-speaking world), it is added to VLB-TIX overnight. That means when you browse the data in VLB-TIX, it’s always current. In addition, our start page contains the bestseller lists assembled by market research firm media control, allowing you to keep the information displayed in your bookshop up to date.

Efficiency: VLB-TIX is the optimal way to prepare for meetings with reps.

Make your preliminary orders available to your sales representatives even before you connect. That makes it possible for both sides to prepare effectively and gives them more time during the meeting or phone call to exchange ideas, instead of dictating columns of numbers.

Clarity: Personalise the system to meet your needs.

Define your own method for grouping and filtering titles, so you can quickly view the items you are interested in. You can even create a structure that reflects your own product assortment, thereby refining the system even further.

Flexibility: Use VLB-TIX wherever and whenever you like.

Prepare orders at home, in the bookshop or on the road – without having to carry stacks of catalogues everywhere you go. All the necessary information is accessible anytime, anywhere. That allows you to collaborate with your colleagues when assembling orders, without having to wonder what’s in a preview that someone left at home.

Emotionality: Find out everything you need to know about the stories you want to sell.

You sell stories, but to sell them you need to know them. On VLB-TIX you’ll find videos, audio samples, review copies, author photographs, press articles and much more – everything that can help you decide whether or not a title matches your product assortment.

Internal Communication: Use the note function to share information within your bookshop.

Which books do your colleagues recommend? What will the next trending topic be? You might answer these questions ad hoc, in regular meetings or using carefully arranged slips of paper. In VLB-TIX, conversely, you can put a note directly on a title, making it visible to everyone in your bookshop at all times. Since you can search through the notes, the additional input from your colleagues is always available when you are purchasing books or advising a customer on a sale.

Premium Publishers: Take advantage of digital previews and free digital review copies.

Premium publishers can make digital previews and review copies available to you for free. They pay for the ability to present their titles with information that they themselves have added. You’ll find the list of premium publishers here.