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VLB-TIX for Journalists

With more than 90,000 new titles being released each year, it’s almost impossible to stay on top of things.

VLB-TIX allows you to do just that: view titles by individual publisher or across multiple publishers, filter and select books by topics of your own choosing – thereby gaining a real understanding of what is happening in the market.

Valuable additional information makes it easier to view, sort and, ultimately, evaluate each individual title. Journalists, feature writers, bloggers, bookstagrammers, booktubers – they all use VLB-TIX to research books scheduled for publication according to the VLB (the catalogue of books-in-print in the German-speaking world). Thanks to self-defined search profiles, you can stay up to date on new releases in your chosen subject areas, effectively reducing the time and effort needed for background research. That makes it easy to monitor the relevant topics and set the desired agendas. Registration is free of charge.

How you benefit

Always know what’s coming

View, sort and present over 300,000 new publications on your own channels – including bibliographies, details on translations and editions, covers, events and additional background information updated daily.

Free access

Access is free of charge for journalists and bloggers – regardless of content!

Keep track of it all

Watch lists for books and folders for completed previews – with VLB-TIX, it’s easy to navigate the flood of new titles, grouping them by your own interests and topics of choice. In an era of digital nomads, anyone can access these customised overviews and view all the relevant information regardless of location.

Request a digital review copy directly in the preview

VLB-TIX offers premium publishers the option of including digital review copies directly in their previews. The review copies can then be requested or downloaded immediately when the previews are being perused. Moreover, the start page always contains an updated selection of available review copies.

Find the right contact person

You can find the appropriate contact person to answer your questions or otherwise assist you, even while you are viewing a publisher’s new releases, previews or company profile. That makes communicating easy and straightforward.

Search and save only what you need

Create your own individualised searches based on your specific interests and needs. Just specify in your search criteria your preferred publishers, topics, titles or authors, among many other options, and then save the search to avoid duplicate effort later. That allows you to get a quick overview of all your new titles.

Tips for a successful start:

Create a watch list

Watch lists allow you to assign the titles you find to different categories, making it easy to locate them again later. For example, you can save titles by season, topic, level of importance, publication date or author.

Define »My Publishers«

You can check multiple entries under »Publishers«, thereby identifying them as »My Publishers« and making it possible to use them later to filter previews. The result: you can find your preferred previews and titles without any wasted effort.

Save previews in folders

Previews can be saved in folders that you create and organise yourself. The folders can be named to best reflect your specific way of working – for example by season, by publishing group or by project status. That means your folders always reflect your own needs.

Review copies

Many publishers offer review copies as digital downloads in their previews via the »LEX« button located next to the title. In many cases, review copies can be downloaded immediately, in others they must be requested from the publisher, who will then confirm (or deny) the request. In addition, the publisher’s profile contains the name of the contact person who should receive the link to the review once it appears.

Frequently asked questions

Registration and use

Anyone can register to use VLB-TIX. Journalists, culture writers, bloggers, bookstagrammers and booktubers can sign up and immediately start exploring everything VLB-TIX has to offer, free of charge.

Share previews and recommendations

Guests who have not logged in can also look at previews by clicking on a shared link. Moreover, after they have registered, users can access the full range of free features available on VLB-TIX (searches, creating and saving search lists, etc.). That makes it simple for readers to enjoy your recommendations.

Use of images, author photos, etc.

All images – including digital images – are subject to copyright. For more about using an image, please contact the publisher who either holds the copyright on the image or has obtained the right to display it. Generally, there are no restrictions on book covers or promotional product images, since industry practice has shown that publishers are not opposed to having their products disseminated or advertised, unless it is done in a questionable context.

The situation is different, however, for author photos and for photos, texts or illustrations that appear inside a book. In such cases, you should contact the publisher/rightsholder directly before copying such content – even digitally – and using it for your own purposes, especially commercially.

Status of new titles in VLB-TIX

Books are classified as new titles in VLB-TIX for one year following their date of publication. New titles are listed in VLB-TIX from the day they are first announced.

Relevance ranking: Various, differently weighted factors are used to rank your search results by relevance. These include title, author, genre and publication date, along with the bestseller lists compiled by market research firm GfK.