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 14.06.2021 ·

VLB-TIX for Libraries

Expand your catalogue with suitable titles from the current programmes and backlists of German-language publishing houses. Use VLB-TIX to see what is generally available or search specifically for the titles that would best complement your holdings.

Keep up with the latest developments using VLB-TIX, thanks to data that is updated daily from the VLB (the catalogue of books-in-print in German-speaking countries). Use publishers’ digital previews to identify focus themes and new titles for the coming half-year. Or select a specific subject and browse what different publishers have to offer. Group your preferred titles into one order and forward it with just a few clicks to the bookshop of your choice. Communicate with your colleagues or other branches through the system’s note function. You can even use the platform for your own marketing activities.

If you would like to create a free account, choose »Bookseller« when registering for your user profile.