Advantages for publishers at a glance

  • Inclusion of further, sales-oriented information
  • Inclusion of multimedial materials
  • Easy to update
  • Strengthens publisher’s own brand message
  • Purposeful marketing − tailored to the addressees
  • Cost efficiency
  • Ideal tool for publisher’s field staff
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics functions
  • Integration into existent system landscapes

Stage New Titles

Your brand, your stage, more information for you. Printed publisher’s catalogues are brand statements − VLB-TIX transfers these possibilities directly into the digital world.

  • Every title can be put on a stage individually in a visually appealing way.

  • Every title can be enhanced with additional information that promotes sales, such as, to name a few examples: an author portrait, multimedial objects, marketing and POS activities, information about interviews in the press, appearances in the media. This information can be brought up to date every day.

  • Publishers and/or their publishers groups can be presented comprehensively.

  • When operating VLB-TIX in presentation mode, customers dive into the publisher’s world of brands and thumb through its programme
  • Reports and analyses on use of digital catalogues data by the customers offer a basis for allocating marketing budgets efficiently

Broad reach, maximum visibility

With VLB-TIX, new titles are found, understood better and properly assessed. Not only can titles be provided with additional product information, they can also be prepared so that they are exactly suitable for and can be passed on to the relevant target groups. Indeed, booksellers, journalists, bloggers and readers are not just able to thumb through publisher catalogues, but can also inform themselves about particular topics and areas of interest in accordance with their requirements regardless of the publisher. No matter whether a new title is a crime thriller, a guidebook, or children’s book, using VLB-TIX ensures that it finds its way to the dealers that are interested in this subject matter − efficiently and at lower cost.

The basic version of VLB-TIX is made available to bookstores, journalists and bloggers free of charge, so the publishers can reckon with good market penetration. Many thousands of bookstores, ranging from a local bookstore to large chain stores, will be included from the very beginning, due to the close relationship of VLB-TIX with VLB. This places publishers in an excellent position to reach their target groups.

Prepare catalogues

VLB-TIX makes it possible for publishers to achive a consistent brand identity. Comprehensive publisher descriptions with all new titles support an attractive staging of the publisher’s brand.

Publishers achieve an appeal that is even better suited for a target group by means of catalogues and complilations which are individualized for differing users or user groups. Then the brand’s appearance is perfect. The visuatlisation of the contents can be freely determined in the templates that are provided. The publisher can fill the templates itself or have this done by an advertising agent. This will ensure that the publisher titles are presented consistently in a way that is true to the brand.


VLB-TIX does not replace the work of a publisher’s salespersons; rather, it is the purfect supplement and an efficient work tool.

Titles and title information is continually complied, annotated and commented individually for each customer. This compilation is sent to the bookstore via a link in an email or as a PDF file. Now the book dealers can look through the proposed titles and order quantities. Then the salesperson and book dealers go through this tailored collection of titles together, either during a visit by the salesperson or by telephone. The salesperson offers custom-fit proposals and accepts orders. Here, we offer standard interfaces to distributors and inventory management systems, as optimal support of sales conversations and orders.