Advantages for Journalists, Bloggers and Readers

  • Cross-publisher bundling of topis in accordance with editorial interest
  • High degree of information
  • Monitoring topics and setting agendas
  • Request for reviewer’s copies
  • Current recommendations and remarks from the publishers

Discover Books

Since there are more than 90,000 new titles every year, it is almost impossible to maintain an overview.

But with VLB-TIX, this is exactly what happens: view titles from specific or all publishers, and filter and select them in accordance with personal areas of interest, in order to obtain a real overview of the market.

Valuable additional information simplifies viewing, evaluating and ultimately the assessment of each title. Each interested person does not just maybe find the right book, but definitely finds the right books. Journalists, bloggers and interested customers can use VLB-TIX to research new titles of VLB that have already been announced. By using search profiles they are always up to date regarding new titles from their own areas of interest and thus reduce the time they need for research. Then monitoring topics and setting agandas are not a problem any more. Registration is free of charge.

VLB-TIX also simplifies the work and coordination in the editorial departments. Journalists can use the “notes” function to exchange information with their colleagues in their editorial team.

Create Search Profiles

VLB-TIX focuses on results. Certain core areas of interest can be set, and a clustered, individually differentiated search procedure can easily be stored and executed time and again. The search results are updated automatically in accordance with the ranking factors.

Advance Reading Copies

With interesting new titles, accredited journalists can request digital or even printed review copies directly from the publisher.