Advantages for bookstores at a glance

  • Cross-publisher bundling (views of comparable titles from different publishers)
  • Additional information for purchasing − comprehensive and always up to date
  • Notes function
  • Search procedures that can be stored
  • Direct coordiation with colleagues
  • Order histories available
  • Transfer of orders to inventory management
  • Individual solutions
  • Inclusion of chain store structures
  • Budget administartion


Finding New Titles

Data must be collected quickly wherever booksellers already feel they have too much information rather than not enough. Having more information should not lead to being inundated with information. So VLB-TIX arranges information clearly and intelligently.

With VLB-TIX, titles are purpsefully researched, clustered and also processesd.

Booksellers can “note” individual titles and see complete publisher frontlist catalogues as well as compliations compiled for them by the publisher. Commentary functions for one’s own use or discussions with colleagues simplify orientation and make “post-its” a thing of the past.

VLB-TIX search profiles can be created to serve individual interests and core areas of assortments. These profiles eliminate time-consuming, repeated researches by bookstore staff because they are automatically executed every day to ensure that the bookstore always has the latest information.

VLB-TIX is also optimized for mobile use. Rapid access via tablet, also during office breaks, on the way to work or at home. As simple as thumbing through a printed catalogue.

More Titles, More Information

VLB, the German Books in Print, is one of the largest professional bibliographic search engines and up-to-date sources of trade information on books in print. And only in VLB-TIX can all the new titles from over 21,000 publishers from the VLB, generally more than 90,000 per year, be found, enrichted by the information from the database of NEWBOOKS Solutions, including the complete topic classification.

VLB subscribers also have access to all backlist titles in the VLB. They can research conveniently via VLB-TIX and see all titles related to the topic at a glance.

Whether publisher or topic related: only with VLB-TIX can a bookstore be certain that it will find all relevant titles, be they upcoming best sellers, previously concealed “pearls” or special interest titles. With VLB-TIX, sales potentials can be unlocked in every target group even better than before.

… than is possible today with printed catalogues. With VLB-TIX, author portraits, the latest reviews, marketing activities, sales arguments, reference titles, series titles, available POS materials and extracts can all be provided in support of procurement decisions.


Intelligent procurement management. VLB-TIX is an efficient instrument for planning and populating assortments, so it contains order functions in addition to cross-publisher searches for new titles. Titles can be ordered through one’s inventory management system, through the publisher or its distributor, through the publisher’s salesperson, or through the cash assortment. Interfaces to all common inventory management systems are supported or implemented as required.

Bookstores can create their own commodity group specifications. The system is optimally oriented to the needs of chain stores. Of course, orders can be placed for individual stores or for all stores together.