What is VLB-TIX?

VLB-TIX makes it possible to plan book announcements in accord with demand and target groups, offering a previously unknown wealth of information about new titles. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland more than 2000 users are working with VLB-TIX.

VLB-TIX is based on German Books in Print (Verzeichnis Lieferbarer Bücher — VLB). German Books in Print is one of the largest professional bibliographic search engines and up-to-date sources of trade information on books in print.

For publishers and booksellers alike it provides indispensable services for the distribution of information on books throughout Germany. For publishers it’s  the ultimate marketing tool for wide distribution of metadata on their titles. For booksellers it’s the prime source of information on all titles published in the German-speaking world.


VLB-TIX is a platform designed for new titles − optimized for all desktops and tablets.

Seek and Find - getting a quick overview by browsing through new titles by theme

All information about new titles − presented clearly and emotionally

Additional information for better estimates of sales (here: trailer demonstration)

Completely interactive. The notes function supports exchanges within the team and discussions with the entire industry.

Premium clients

The following bookstores and publishers (premium publishers) have already decided in favour of VLB-TIX: