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VLB-TIX from Past to Present

September 2014: Development of the click dummy in 25 days, very successful presentation at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2014

2015: Collaboration with pilot customers Thalia, Mayersche, Pustet, Hugendubel, Hanser, DTV, GU, Ravensburger, Carlsen and many more

December 2015: Launch of VLB-TIX

June 2016: 11 merchandise management providers connect to VLB-TIX

Autumn 2016: Hugendubel switches its entire procurement process for new titles to VLB-TIX

December 2016: VLB-TIX and VLB become a one-stop organisation, MVB acquires a 100% share

September 2017: Automated delivery of preview data becomes possible using XML/Excel

2017: Strong user growth, regular VLB-TIX get-togethers in Germany’s major cities

February 2018: Launch of the LEX tool for sharing review copies digitally

March 2018: Termination of printed previews and start of the VLB-TIX roll out at all Hugendubel bookshops

June 2018: Bookseller associations and marketing alliances (Nordbuch, LG Buch, etc.) can add bookshops as members, which then see a notice next to book titles

December 2018: Promotional packages are made available

March 2019: The Thalia group begins using VLB-TIX! As of the autumn buying season, the chain store’s headquarters relies exclusively on VLB-TIX for purchases of new titles. In addition to Thalia Germany, booksellers Thalia Austria and Orell Füssli Thalia in Switzerland also expand use of the system

April 2019: Launch of regular VLB-TIX get-togethers in Freiburg and Leipzig

August 2019: Redesign of the order form on VLB-TIX: e-mails are sent to sales reps directly from the system, eliminating the need to store the information elsewhere first

Autumn 2019: Random House discontinues printed previews

October 2019: Launch of showcased topics for publishers (beta) and book tables for booksellers

January 2020: All Thalia bookshops in Germany and Austria connect to the system

February 2020: In-house project is launched

March/April 2020: Wide-ranging digital training programme during lockdown for booksellers, along with support for smaller publishers (#EinePriseLeipzig)

July 2020: 20,000 users are registered for VLB-TIX, ongoing use of system during the coronavirus pandemic

August 2020: Newly added information and help pages facilitate information access

October 2020: Launch of the web-to-print function for digital Frankfurter Buchmesse 2020

October 2020: Click dummy created for the redesigned title-details page as part of the in-house project

April 2021: Closed beta version for selected publishers, including reps